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Property Managers know that nightly rental is a great opportunity for homeowners and property managers to increase revenue on underutilized homes. However, anyone who has been in the business for more than a week knows that it is far more involved than most people realize. Handling the property, handling the rental stay and handling the guests are all full-time jobs that don’t respect regular business hours.

Nightly Rental Means Dealing with Guests

Some property management companies get lucky and can develop a hospitality staff that will take on guest service management. This is often through a lot of very hard work and a personal effort from one or two people. It can be tough to afford and find enough staff to create the right guest service environment. Often the team is working all hours of the day throughout the year, and it causes unnecessary burnout.

Manor Blue is a Hospitality Service Company (HSC). We believe that there is plenty of revenue to be made and plenty of work to be shared in the nightly rental market. However, optimum management of a property, while balancing the income and the guest experience with the home asset can be easier for property managers with Manor Blue services.

The Market is Getting Competitive

Big organizations are starting to swarm the industry, promising strong revenues with lower property management fees, and attracting homeowners to their platforms. Local property Managers are more valuable because of the local connections but this value can be lost to slick marketing by big brands. Working smarter when competing with a national brand is important. Creating a revenue management strategy to maximize rental rates and reduce wear and tear on a property is an important factor. To stay financially competitive, property managers should be considering how to manage their nightly rentals and reduce OTA fees in a way that matches the income offered by large rental brands, other property management companies and the local commercial lodging. When income is equal, quality reservation services with a local property manager will always be more valuable to an Owner/Operator than a large brand because of the more direct nature of the relationship.

Home rental is now also competing and being compared directly with commercial hotels. Most home rental guests expect hospitality services on par with a 3-star hotel. For upscale and luxury home rental properties it’s developing even more, and guests expect the kind of guest hosting service they normally experience at a 4-star hotel. The home rental industry is maturing into a branch of the hospitality industry and property managers evolving into the space with the new demands will be better positioned to continue to capture market share.

Hospitality Service is a Skill

Hospitality Services may not seem like a skill at first, but once you spend time in a guest service industry, you may come to appreciate that the industry is well developed in conflict resolution, communicating for success, accounting processes, key performance indicators and specialty knowledge in revenue management, supply chain development, marketing, sales, and technology. Finding a partner that has experience in these skills can go a long way to easing the frustrations of nightly rental.

Manor Blue ensures quality for the guest stay that keeps rates and ratings high. Our team can maximize revenue opportunities above typical market nightly rental fees. As an HSC partner, we can upsell guests on additional services and proactively address issues, bridging the gap between traditional lodging expectations and home rental. Working with Manor Blue can let a Property Management company get back to focusing on managing the property and not the overnight guests.

Local Matters

Manor Blue is focused on a few core markets. Our entire team understands the location of the property, the amenities, and the reasons a traveler would choose to stay. This local knowledge makes the difference when communicating with guests. No one wants to talk with a call center that doesn’t have access to any more information than is on the website. Guests call because they want to create an itinerary or because they have a specific need for information that is not easily found. If someone picks up the phone, they are interested and they need a helpful, knowledgeable, patient, professional response to all their questions.

Understanding the property and the location in depth matters. Being connected to partners that can provide extra experiential services in culinary and adventure pursuits is important to providing quality guest service to command a premium rate. Manor Blue focuses on just a few locations and we get to know our markets really well which ensures we have the best knowledge to share with guests. We create excitement for experiential travel through information, assistance and listening to guests so that we can solve any potential problems before they arise and set expectations for a successful stay.

People and Resources are Tight

The biggest strength a property manager has is a local base of operations for cleaning and maintenance functions. However, many markets, especially high value and seasonally affected markets, struggle with maintaining more specialized staff like sales and revenue managers to effectively handle the call center and pre-arrival booking processes. Just answering the phone doesn’t cut it. Guests have questions and want to take time to discuss options. Unfortunately, the options of hiring a call center can be cost prohibitive. Working with a more flexible and multifunctional hospitality partner like Manor Blue can relieve some of this labor pressure.

Property Managers know that things change constantly. In high growth markets, new opportunities are being developed and it’s hard to keep up. Some Property Management companies are small but growing and can’t take on everything at once and need temporary help. Some have HOAs want to have the Property Manager handle the transient rental function and it gets too big very quickly. Dynamic and quick action make the difference and Manor Blue can partner on short engagements to keep things working well.

Potential Services

Manor Blue is a group of hospitality specialists that right size every relationship in our local markets. Depending on a property manager, the services could include guest and group sales, direct booking websites and management, group itinerary management, branding, social media activation, online review curation, reservations systems, hospitality supplies, billing systems or a mix and match of more. We are your support partner to work together to take the load when things get spicy.

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