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Independent Hoteliers

You know how to run your hotel, but the reality is that you often just can’t do it all. You may wish you had partners or colleagues to discuss options. You want to get it all done but with your vision guiding the way. You try to keep up to date but there’s a lot happening in the world and everything is changing all of the time. The team at Manor Blue can help you focus on what you are best at, while sharing current, specialty industry knowledge.  Manor Blue is the support to free you up to get the things done that only you can do.

Wearing All the Hats

There are only so many hours in the day to get it all done and it’s difficult to be a leader with a small staff that is often changing. We offer a variety of options to support your sales and reservations, create marketing, support social media, curate current guest reviews, create, and analyze budgets and help you through technology changes. If you need additional support to retrain your property team in guest service or to grow your middle managers, Manor Blue can help. 

Into The Deep End

Hospitality has specific finance and accounting language. If you need to get your finances or your accounting in order, we will work with your team to standardize or modernize your system. We can help you to create standard hospitality financials and the Key Performance Indicators you need to assess your situation and help a lending institution see your strengths. After updating your financials, we can also provide you with advice on where to focus to cut your costs, improve efficiency and improve your cash flow. Over time, implementing this advice will increase your net profit and will also help protect your asset against the revenue cycles that hotels inevitably experience.

Help When You Need It

We specialize in short term relationships and agreements with sliding scales so you can get the business impact you need and pay as your revenue is recognized and booked. We understand that hotels are always running on thin margins  and our goal is to get you to a healthy mode of operations. We create specific arrangements per client to suit the reality of your situation. We are focused on creating a valuable relationship with you that benefits everyone and become your trusted partner as our engagement matures.

Potential Services

  • Reservations and Group Sales – improve your ADR with a solid sales team that knows how to book guests
  • Guest Services Bootcamp – reset the foundations of your front desk
  • GM Bootcamp – fill in the gaps you may have missed in your hospitality experience
  • F&B Consulting – find ways to generate new revenue with simplified or increased offerings
  • Marketing – once a quarter, simple mailers to your list reminding them how much they miss your property
  • Accounting – teach your accountant how to book revenue and expenses in a hospitality method
  • Analysis – review your financials and make budgets so you can see where you are going


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Manor Blue’s team of hospitality experts have more than 50 years of combined experience in all areas of hospitality development, operations, and planning. With direct operating experience, regional understanding, and national exposure, our research and findings will be thorough and efficient.

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